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15-Oct-2017 06:57

Also known as hypersexual disorder, sex addiction is a condition marked by fantasies or urges that consume excessive amounts of time and resources.

An individual with sex addiction typically spends hours planning for sex or engaging in sexual activity, at the expense of jobs, family activities, or social interactions.

The drive for sexual fulfillment comes from an unmet psychological need to relieve anxiety, depression, or psychological tension, not from a need for closeness or the desire to form a relationship.

Treating sex addiction requires an exploration of the underlying causes of the problem, along with the development of effective coping strategies to deal with triggers and resolve psychological needs.

Substance abuse, in particular, is very common in individuals with sex addiction.

Drugs or alcohol may be used to release inhibitions, to overcome feelings of shame and guilt, or to soothe feelings of depression.

An article published in indicates that people with sex addiction often have a dual diagnosis, or a co-occurring disorder, that goes hand in hand with their hypersexual behavior.

The costs of sex addiction can be enormous, affecting all aspects of the individual’s life as well as the lives of loved ones.

(DSM-5); however, people who struggle with this condition are aware that it is all too real.

The popularity of support groups like Sex Addicts Anonymous, a 12-Step program for people seeking freedom from sex addiction, and the growing availability of rehab programs for sex addicts offer evidence of the widespread need for treatment for this disorder.

People who grew up in a household where one or both parents displayed addictive behavior were significantly more likely to experience sex addiction as adults.

The treatment of sex addiction often requires therapeutic interventions that address unresolved traumas and past emotional pain.

Human sexuality is not only necessary for the survival of the species; it is a great source of pleasure, intimacy, and inspiration for many adults.