Askmen top 10 dating tips

09-Jul-2017 13:57

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This one is from, "Ask her to wear an old dress." Oh no!

Now I am all for people feeling comfortable enough in relationships to be honest when they would like their partner(s) to improve their health and appearance.

However, askmen just couldn't resist adding snarky little comments at the end about how she might "see through your ploy" or how you need to take action by "separating her from fatty foods." And that snarky advice is kicked up a few notches when the suggestions get more outrageous.

(Hey askmen, leave the snarkiness where it belongs: right here at Bitch.) When the list suggests you serve your gal "unsatisfactory portions," the author explains, "By making her ask for more food, you might succeed in shaming her into an acknowledgment of her recent weight gain." Ah, sooo productive.

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Some, like changing your own eating habits, or encouraging your partner to go to the gym with you, seem perfectly reasonable.

Buy your girlfriend clothes that you know are too small for her, serve her unsatisfactory portions (but go back for seconds yourself when she isn't looking), and trick her into going places where she will need to put on a bathing suit.

All of these suggestions are to be followed up with some good ol' fashioned shaming, just to make sure you get your point across.

(Which is perfectly fine in a different context, obviously.) Another problem here, of course, is that this list targets women only, as if there are no readers who are in relationships with men that they'd like to see slim down a little.

Would the advice be the same if it were directed toward men? I have experience with this, I've recently gained a lot of weight, and so has my boyfriend.Nearly all of the suggestions involve an element of deceit, and many of them require downright mocking.