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18-Jan-2018 02:28

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While others are plagued with problems Busola Ande, Lagos, Nigeria My father and uncle were both married to Europeans (a German and a Belgian) and both are now divorced.

Both relationships broke up for the same reasons other relationships do: a failure in commitment to make the marriage work and not the differences in race.

Anne Turner (Dr.), Rwanda The success of mixed race relationship depends on the level of literacy and exposure of the families involved.

Your comments: I think everyone is missing the point here focussing on the statement "skin colour does not matter".Wole Solana, Nigeria What amazes me most is that despite a man and a woman falling in love and feeling good about it, family and friends often feel strongly against it just because of their racial biases.It's a shame..everyone live up to the saying: it's the wearer who knows best where the shoe pinches!They have been together for nearly nine years but Priti is Asian-Kenyan from a Sikh family while KV is a black Kenyan from the Kikuyu tribe.

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They have faced strong opposition to their union from family members, but finally both their parents have given the couple their blessing.The reality of inter-racial marriages, or how I would like to call them inter-cultural marriages is the challenges mainly arising from the difference in cultures.

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