Dating glacier layers

15-Oct-2017 22:41

After they saw this, the rest of the squadron came in with their wheels up for belly landings. All the crewmen were rescued unharmed by dogsled, about nine days later.However, the planes had to be abandoned where they had slithered to a stop. airplane dealer Patrick Epps told his friend, architect Richard Taylor, that the planes would be like new.They are a highly prized collector’s item; only five were believed to be flying at the time the Lost Squadron P–38 was salvaged —under c. Return to text It took the two of them many years, much money and several failed expeditions before the first real clue came.

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This five-foot-high device, wound with copper coils through which hot water is pumped, melted a four-foot-wide shaft into the ice at about two feet an hour until it struck the wing of a B–17.

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As a small, makeshift steam probe began to melt a hole in the ice, expedition members watched dumbstruck as more and more extensions were added to the hose, some 75 m (250 ft) before reaching the first airplane!

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None of the discoverers thought that the planes could possibly be buried under more than a light cover of snow and ice. After all, the impression the general public has is that the build-up of glacial ice takes very long time periods—thousands of years for just a few metres (see ‘deep freeze salamanders’). Published figures of average ice accumulation rates are quite a bit lower than 1½ m/year that clearly must be true here, but not nearly as low as the salvagers thought.Powered by twin Allison V–12 engines, it had one 20 mm cannon and four .50 calibre machine guns in its nose.

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