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Emma was also known for being responsible and mature, yet uptight, but over the years has developed into much more of a three-dimensional character. She married Spinner Mason, a former student of Degrassi, in the summer of 2008, making Kendra Mason her sister-in-law.

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She has evolved from a good, simple character to a complex one over the course of the series.As is normal for television series characters, however, Emma soon grew into a unique individual, a collaboration of Miriam Mc Donald and the series' writers. Nystrom was a repeat offender and loses her computer's tower for the time being.In addition, Emma receives far more screen time in Degrassi: The Next Generation than her mother Spike or Caitlin ever had in the original series. She and her mother argue about how Emma kept Jordan a secret from her for eight months and about last night.Although the best man is Emma's future teacher and stepfather Archie Simpson, the two will not have seen each other for quite some time prior to the start of her grade 7 enrollment, as neither recognizes the other on sight in the first Next Generation episode, Mother and Child Reunion (1).

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Emma was born June 1989 (episode aired 28 March 1988 but Emma is in the same grade as Manny and she was 12 when school started in 2001).

This is due to the longer-run of Degrassi: The Next Generation. Nystrom tells Emma that he'll go down to the lobby so she can leave. She tries to open the room door a second time, but Mr. He threatens to tape her mouth if she makes a noise. Emma tells her mother that she didn't tell her about Jordan because she doesn't understand her problems.

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