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12-Oct-2017 20:32

Intuitive, but some posted guidance would have been appreciated.

Halloween in Cleveland goes way beyond haunted houses.

When returning my rental for my early morning flight on a very rainy day, Hertz drove us to the departure area of the airport for free.

Not having to take everything out of the car, and being dropped off was a very helpful service!

Hyde"Travel back in time for spooks and scares at North Ridgeville’s old-school movie drive-in.

You want to put your best foot forward, but you’ve been going out on so many Ok Cupid dates that you’ve blown your budget.

Therefore I ended up spending 3 times the amount I had budgeted for gas.

Pickup was a mess - couldn't get out of the lot the first time since the tablet system wasn't apparently working, so got it done on paper. ) Needless to say, way too much time was spent waiting for what used to be very simple. Look at the title even "in null = in Detroit" - if that isn't poetry, I don't know what is. Fees to return in different city outrageous, more than 2 week rental.

Luckly the Enterprise representative a couple booths down was able to help me out and give me a comparable deal. Driving less than 50 miles results in automatic charge for fuel despite filling up!

I waited for over 30 minutes in line to pick up the car.