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Like many other organs, skeletal muscle contains various cell types and can give rise to both muscle-derived satellite cells and adipose tissue-derived adipocytes, both of which are important to animal agriculture. Age, anatomical site and the replication and differentiation of adipocyte precursors.

It is well-known that satellite cells are important to postnatal skeletal muscle growth [1] and skeletal muscle regeneration in adult skeletal muscle [2, 3].

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Primary myofibers are first formed in the embryonic stage, followed by the formation of secondary myofibers in the mid and late gestation in humans, and late and neonatal stages in mice [23, 24].

Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University/OARDC, Wooster, OH 44691, USA How to cite this article: Dodson MV, Hausman GJ, Guan L, Du M, Rasmussen TP, Poulos SP, Mir P, Bergen WG, Fernyhough ME, Mc Farland DC, Rhoads RP, Soret B, Reecy JM, Velleman SG, Jiang Z. Stem cells, cells that maintain their ability to replicate and can differentiate into various cell types, have been important in understanding cell regulation.

In addition, these cells are used therapeutically with continued research hoping to increase their therapeutic potential.

Universidad Publica de Navarra, Campus Arrosadia, Pamplona 31006, Spain13. Enhanced understanding of muscle stem cell biology and function is essential for developing technologies and strategies to augment the metabolic efficiency and muscle hypertrophy of growing animals potentially leading to greater efficiency and reduced environmental impacts of animal production, while concomitantly improving product uniformity and consumer acceptance and enjoyment of muscle foods.

Animal Sciences, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011, USA14. Keywords: Skeletal muscle stem cells, Satellite cells, Adipocytes, Adipofibroblasts, Embryogenesis, Postnatal myogenesis. Myogenesis is regulated by a series of transcription factors, including Pax 3, Pax 7, Gli, and four myogenic regulatory factors including Myo D, Myf-5, myogenin and MRF-4 [25]. Activation of an adipogenic program in adult myoblasts with age.

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