How to create dating site longdistancedating com

31-Aug-2017 10:43

We have already paid out over M in revenue to our White Box partners and affiliates, and are continuing to expand and enhance our award winning dating platform with the latest technology backed by our fanatical partner support and highest conversions in the dating industry.White Box DatingĀ® is the simplest, quickest, and best way to launch your own highly profitable dating brands hosted for free by the world's leading mainstream dating platform. I then bought a dating site and a registered a domain name to go with it. People join to meet people and my site had no people.I set it all up with hosting, payment processor, customer support number. Well that's not really true, I had a few of my friends sign up but if you saw them you would see why it didn't work.These are the percentages of every member fee your site generates.

The money I earn ensures that I never have to worry about paying the bills again, I don't have what you would call a regular job.I want to concentrate on increasing the business I already have, but this is a huge market with more than enough for 1000's of sites in all areas. I also get annoyed when I see the same types of "internet businesses" for sale around still that I got caught out buying a while back, the ones you really cant do much with, the ones that tie you in to a hosting account to squeeze money out of you every month.