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20-Aug-2017 15:32

A 24-second video posted online on New Year’s Eve of two young Italian women, who were kidnapped by Islamic militants in northern Syria last summer, is prompting alarm among Italian officials who have been negotiating for the pair’s release.The idealistic aid volunteers Vanessa Marzullo and Greta Ramelli, both in their 20s, appear considerably thinner and paler and dressed in black chadors, leaving just their faces and hands uncovered, they beg in the brief video for the Italian government to get them home.

And the manner of the release of the video on New Year’s Eve and the lack of sophistication in its shooting would appear to give some credence to those claims.

Speaking to reporters in Rome, the Speaker of Italy’s House of Deputies, Laura Boldrini, characterized the New Year’s Eve video as an SOS from the pair.

“The girls send a cry for help…the situation of these girls is distressing.”Salvatore Marzullo, Vanessa’s father said in a taped statement: “We have seen these images, the first of Vanessa and Greta in months, they seem ok even in spite of their difficult situation…there aren’t many words to say now other than that we were glad to see them alive.”Since the women’s abduction—they were seized on their second trip into Syria, along with an Italian journalist who managed to escape—their families have been careful when talking to the media.

The Italian foreign ministry has declined to comment on the video.

The foreign ministry would not confirm to The Daily Beast whether they believe the video is authentic or whether they believe the date is accurate.The Italian news agency ANSA cited an unnamed intelligence source saying “we are in a very delicate phase and we ask the maximum discretion at this time.”But a Rome-based senior Italian diplomat told the Daily Beast that the timing of the video’s posting is perplexing officials, who had thought they were a hair’s breadth away from completing successful negotiations for the women’s release.