Jo koy and anjelah johnson dating

29-Nov-2017 17:04

You might know her best as the woman behind the viral nail salon joke, or as the infamously bad King Burger employee Bon Qui Qui, but stand-up comedian Anjelah Johnson is back with another comedy special (her fourth! Johnson’s forthcoming special, , will air on Epix September 29th at 10 p.m.It was filmed at the Hawaii Theater in Honolulu, Hawaii, and offers up another dose of Johnson’s singular style, riffing on her friends, family, marriage, and her addiction to crime dramas.I talk about my husband and I [buying] our first home and how that relates to my crazy addiction to crime dramas, and how I feel like I’m in an episode of one.AJ: Live shows are amazing, because you get that instant gratification of that laugh in the moment, and you get to experience something with this particular group of people — and it’s different every single show.I can do six shows in one city and all six of those shows are going to be different, because the people sitting there are different.I can be doing the same material, but the way it’s received, the people that I’m looking at while I’m telling the story, it just feels different every time.A new comic super-star has emerged Anjelah shows her truly awesome comedic talent in this incredibly funny comedy show and she manages to pull it off with the greatest of ease while using absolutely no vulgarity and almost no profanity which is so refreshing to see but almost non-existent in a modern comedian!

Nate Bargatze is one of my good friends; he used to open for me a long time ago, and now he’s just blowing up doing his own thing.

And then when I release a special, the comments that I get from people on Twitter or wherever, who may not have been able to make it to one of my live shows, or maybe I’ve never gone to their city before — or their country before — just to see that my comedy is able to touch people even at home is amazing, because I watch comedy at home, too, so it’s cool to see that I get to be a part of that.

AJ: You know what, I love my friends — the guys who open for me.

AJ: Similar to my brother — she had no filter, and her customer service wasn’t really customer service, it was like I was bothering her by coming through the drive-thru.

It’s hard to explain, it was just an experience I laughed about and remembered for a very long time. She’s probably like, ‘Don’t nobody talk like that.’ AJ: We met through mutual friends, actually; my old roommate married his best friend, and I saw him at their wedding.This is your chance to see Jo Koy and Anjelah Johnson live in Hollywood, FL With a valid and working Jo Koy and Anjelah Johnson Social Media presale offer you will have your chance to get your Jo Koy and Anjelah Johnson tickets early. Codes is in no way affiliated with Ticket Master, Live Nation, or any venues, teams, performers or organizations. Please see our Terms and Privacy pages for further information.

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