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02-Sep-2017 19:09

“They often begin with doing fun things together and not taking the relationship too seriously too fast.It takes time to get to know the real someone behind the superficial mask.” So, girls, save your relationship, and your sanities, by discussing your future relationship dreams with your girlfriends only…at least until you hit the one year mark. Displacement Picture this: you and your mom get into a fight because you’ve been spending too much money at school.“It is definitely fun to imagine and play the ‘what if’ game,” says Rachel, a student at the University of Missouri.Boys, however, generally only think in terms of present time through the next five minutes, so your comments about a house, a dog, and three kids are probably (read: definitely) going to scare him away.Unfortunately, Liz’s boyfriend felt completely betrayed, and they ended things.Even if you don’t find something suspicious, your boyfriend will most likely discover that you’ve been snooping, and decide that he can’t trust YOU.

The problems start when we get frustrated that our boyfriend never changes, but he shouldn’t have to, and neither should we, of course.

I have to remind myself that no one really likes dating. But, sometimes it just seems like a constant pile of rejection and crap.

If only we lived in Jane Austen times when as soon as you had a companionable conversation with someone on three or more occasions you got engaged.

If doubts or questions arise, it’s best to go right to your boyfriend and ask him openly and honestly.” So, ladies, my best advice is to trust your boyfriend, and learn to communicate your doubts.

Under almost no circumstances should you invade his privacy. The Future As girls, we have a tendency to plan for a future that includes our current boyfriend or crush.Sadly, however, it takes next to nothing to lose a guy in the early stages of a relationship (unless you’re Kate Hudson), and there are common mistakes that girls make in relationships that often do the trick. But, instead of accepting a guy for who he is, we hope that sometime during the relationship, we will be able to mold him into our ideal boyfriend.