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02-Dec-2017 11:10

* bondage * celebrity * chores : induce doing chores * estim : electronical stimulation with some specialized devices * exhibition * extreme : uncommonly dangerous or distasteful * feet * femaledom * fitness : include some physical movements * forcouple : need at least 2 persons * forfemale * formale * game * gay (user being a man or not) * hair * humiliation * internet : will use internet access (reaching another website, sending a mail, etc.) * lesbian (user being a woman or not) * long : let's say more than 2h * maledom * mystical : astral body, transcendental...Beware: each time you lose a fight you have to perform favors for the fighter who beat you!Their worth is determined not by the quality of the writing but by which side of the previous sentence’s comma they fall on.” One cannot expect to fully appreciate the intentions of the screenwriter if the screenplay’s relationship to the camera is not understood.

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On the contrary, screenwriters have employed a variety of strategies to influence the cinematographic and editorial designs of the motion pictures made from their scripts. [Back to Page Topics] William Goldman once quoted an anonymous actor as saying, “You goddam screenwriters — putting in all that camera crap — trying to direct the picture is all you’re doing.

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