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To still believe she did is like believing the moon is made of green cheese. The thing is – right from day 1, nobody ever stopped to consider for one moment that Casey Anthony DIDN’T murder her daughter. everything right out of the gate was deliberately and unceremoniously geared up to frame Casey. Here’s what he told Casey @ Universal: “You’re painting yourself as a very bad person. She goes into George’s bedroom, wakes him up and asks him he yells back at her. Now, having had a few extra days to think about things, and under further pressure from Cindy – George decides to tell Cindy what happened a few mornings back on June 16 – although he conveniently & purposefully fails to mention what happened prior to Caylee being found in the pool (i.e. In the verbal (and physical) battle that ensues, George takes this opportunity to fuel Cindy’s guilt by telling her that SHE left the ladder up… Cindy is still grief stricken at this point as things have rapidly gone from bad to even worse – and she knows she’s now too far involved in this cover up to back out.

Nothing out of the ordinary with that in itself – but we’re dealing with George Anthony here. At the very moment Casey needs SUPPORT from her father, he takes the opposite route – the selfish uncaring old bastard that he is. I CAN HELP YOU GET THROUGH THIS – BUT YOU HAVE TO DO EXACTLY AS I SAY, OK? He then hides Caylee’s body in her playhouse (out in the back yard) while he cooks up the next stage of his plan.

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It’s been nearly nine years since Caylee went missing and six years since Casey was acquitted by a jury of her peers in Florida. I see why I was treated the way I was even had I been completely truthful.”“Everyone has their theories, I don’t know.Based off what was in the media I understand the reasons people feel about me. She agreed to speak with a reporter from the Associated Press when she was approached protesting Donald Trump at a rally in Palm Beach.I understand why people have the opinions that they do.” Casey currently lives in the Florida home of Patrick Mc Kenna, the private detective that worked on both her and O. She went on to participate in five on-the-record interviews but later requested that the story not be run. All of these questions (and more) I’ll attempt to answer in this post. Here’s my theory on what happened: On the morning of June 16 2008, between (6am-8am), George is in bed, and Caylee (having just woken and found her mom still sleeping and Cindy already left for work) she goes on her usual early morning walkabout – this time finishing up into bed with George. But this time he finishes off by telling Casey – “BUT I CAN HELP YOU. Just the same as he’s done for years after the family pets have died.

Even at this early stage he’s already distanced himself from having anything whatsoever to do with Caylee’s death. Just like a good actor, George has proved he can turn the waterworks on whenever he needs to (just like during the trial) – and he does that now. SHE forgot to lock the patio door before SHE left for work… She has no alternative but to go along with it – and with Capt. He also tries to calm Cindy by telling her about how he plans to have CASEY take the blame for everything that’s happened – and that’s why he sent her off to “carry on as normal” for a few weeks.

Five years after she was acquitted of the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, the so-called "most hated mom in America” has emerged from seclusion by starting her own photography business.