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13-Dec-2017 03:06

The greatest concern of those in charge is the heavy burden on historical furniture, textiles and paintings caused by UV and IR radiation.

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In the clearly more spacious White-Cube rooms of the new building, TEMPURA spotlights incorporating LED technology have been installed on TECTON trunking.Additional continuous row luminaires are installed for added, accented illumination of single objects in the room.Control of the respective luminaires in the gallery and office rooms is achieved by means of the lighting management system LUXMATE BASIC.Instead of monotonous, isolated rooms, the architect has designed an extremely varied museum tour that may be used flexibly, with spacious, high rooms, and then again smaller, lower ones.

The lighting concept pays tribute to the character of the individual rooms, responding with great sensitivity to their specific spatial characteristics.The focus was on an LED lighting solution that provides for effective and at the same time gentle accent lighting with minimum UV/IR radiation.